Piegnot Light on Resume?

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Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to the type world and could use suggestions from some of you with better knowledge of appropriate use of type in a resume.

I have been working with piegnot light for my name/logo. I realize their is some level of subjectivity, but would you consider it to be too flashy for a resume?

Thanks for any help. I have to make a decision soon and just don’t want to design around it if it’s a bad idea from the start!

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Can you turn the world on with a smile?

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Ok. Piegnot has a pretty strong flavor. More than "for a resume" tell us what sort of work you do.

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Um.. I'm going to have to say no on that one. I think Peignot is too decorative, and can deliver flavor and punch but I think its best used in advertising.. for a resume, I'd say go with a strong serif font for your headlines- goudy or baskerville- rather than Peignot, which is an art-deco font, and if used clumsily can easily look cheesy.

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