Organizing OT Feature Glyphs

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I'm in the process of adding features to a family I'm working on.
Since I'm not assigning Unicode values to the glyphs, I've been
noticing the order of the glyphs as they appear in FL is different
for the two weights of the font. I prefer things pretty organized
so I'm trying to find a way to order them without assigning
Unicode values to the characters that don't require them.
Is there a function in FL that will reorder the glyphs this way?

(The below images are from the Light and Bold italics.
Please disregard the casual state of some of the glyphs as
the face is still in the works.)

You'll notice the Old Style numerals and accents for the caps
appear in the FL window differently for the two weights.

Eric O.


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Use Index mode.

This allows you to set the glyph indexes (actual phsyical order of the glyphs stored in the font). It's the glyph index numbering that determines how FontLab orders the display of glyphs outside of those covered by the currently selected codepage or Unicode range (the ones whose names show with a yellow background).



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After I switch to Index mode I notice the glyphs that are
ordered differently by the numbers assigned to them.
How do I change this?
Do I need to work up an encoding file?

Eric o.

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Hi Eric,

With the font window open, use the right click or command click to get the pop-up contextual menu and choose SORT GLYPHS. You can then choose Name, Unicode or Encoding. It works for me.


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Thanks guys
This seems to be working

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Also note that when in index mode, you can drag the glyphs around in the font window to rearrange them. They don't overwrite each other, they just reorder.


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just a side-note: I notice you use names such as "zerooldstyle" for your glyphs. I recommend not doing it, but naming the glyphs "zero.onum" (my preference), "zero.oldstyle" or "zero.osf". This way, copy-and-paste in Acrobat will work better.

Please take a look at
for my glyph naming recommendations.


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