Proto-Digital Gerard Unger industrial face

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While not mind-bogglingly impressive this super old Unger design looks sophisticated enough this if it were released this very day it would not feel out of place. (a lo-fi Kontrapunkt condesed?)

He also has readability down-packed... notice the ink traps and slabs.

But the best part?...

Notice his handwriting. Don’t you need that!? I do. Mr. Unger needs to digitize it right now.

Squatty x-height, low contrast, and semi-connections. What’s not to love!

Mikey :-)

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His hand is indeed lovely. Not far from ITC Berranger Hand.

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It is a counter-proposal, Unger’s reaction to the New Alphabet by Wim Crouwel.

Unger wrote:

Result differs too much from the original.
Too many subtleties become lost.
For the old forms, one needs to invent new subtleties that can be reproduced well by the new machines.

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Wow! Thanks for the information.

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I forgot to mention that Unger is one my favorite type designers alive today. From what I understand, he does all his work on screen much like Matthew Carter.

Mikey :-)

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