Grouping multiple fonts under one family name

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What programs would allow me to change how fonts are grouped, so that, say, all my Gothams will be listed as options under a single "Gotham" header instead of being listed separately (Gotham, Gotham Book, Gotham Black, etc.)? It would also be useful to split out dissimilar fonts that are currently under the same heading. For example, House's Las Vegas Nugget and Las Vegas Fabulous may have a thematic relationship, but they're quite distinct.

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Dang. I hope there is a simple solution to this too. I recently had this problem with Gotham! Grrr

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Maybe an answer can be found in the general forum...

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If your using OS X, some apps can benefit from FontCard. The current version has some problems in Leopard, but there's a Leopard beta that seems to be working for me.

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Nope, I'm using Vista. I thought there would at least be type designing software that could let me edit the font itself.

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