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Hey everyone,

I am designing a menu and don't have my type bible in front of me. Since I just moved I am sure it's packed away in a box that will take a few days to uncover. I can't remember off hand the proper way to spell out the ounce abbreviation. I know AM and PM are small caps, but would oz. be?

Any clarification on this is greatly appreciated!


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No, since it's not an acronym. Opinions might differ on the period, but I'd say that since it's a spliced abbreviation (from Italian "onza"), no period is necessary. Then again, I don't put a period after Mr or Mrs either.

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i would say do what looks right. rules like that are impossible to follow in all usages.

if it reads with absolute clarity and stylistic integrity, it's right.

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I would say lowercase, not smallcaps, and definitely with a period after it: oz.

I recommend Fowler's rule that abbreviations should always have a period unless they end in the same letter with which the full word ends. Ergo:

12 onza -> 12 oz.


Saint John -> St John

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Thank you so much!

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