latest wordmark calligraphy, some logos etc.:-)))

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hope you'll enjoy some of my latest work

client: Raynoff Winery / Nissovo Vineyards / Rousse, Bulgaria
Calligraphy & Graphic design: Jordan Jelev - EPIXS for

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very nice work. beautiful!

i have to add though (sorry), your Merlot box rendering is really out of perspective.
(can't tell about the other renderings as i can't see the whole image at once.)


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yes - it is true there is no perspective. the box was drawn deirectly in CorelDRAW - there was no rendering at all:-)))


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It looks very nice imo. Really like the Raynoff script.

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10x a lot, Quincunx :-))

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Very nice indeed. You pull off the elegance needed on a wine label very well. It would be nice though if these were smaller so we could see the whole image at once.


Tylor j Reimer DOT com

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