Psychotic colors and lettering

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Hi there,

A personal item I wanted to share with you.

My wife has her birthday today. ;-)

Amongst others I'm giving her a subscription for a dutch psychological magazine (which she likes).
Because the first issue has still to come, I do have to come up with something. This item can not be handed over empty handed.

So I made this little card.

Idea was to let the mind work.
I used complementary colors so the brain will have to work hard.
Since I was late again, I had little time to come up with this.

Also a small study concerning the colors.

I used the negative areas of Egyptienne F LT Std.
And placed them at random making it more alive.

Remarks are welcome!


PS: By the way, the byline is in dutch. Reading: annual supscription for mind magazine.

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I like the concept and you surely get the psychotic effect you want. Go tough, red on blue, blue on red. If possible use the backside for "explanations" and i wouldn't bring " the mind-lettering" a second time. Your wife will enjoy this, i think.

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The toughest for me are the orange & blue ones (firefox colors). I agree with poms that you should lose the second, smaller "mind" in white at the bottom.

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There was a grocery store in my home town who's main signage used the orange-on-blue-of-equal-values scheme. It was impossible to read.

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He guys

She enjoyed it indeed.
Made her blink for a while.
Mission completed.

Thanks for your comments!

I feel a t-shirt coming ... again ...

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Oke, it has done its job.
I have finetuned it here and there.

I do feel that the orange/cyan version has the most psychodelic colors.
Blue and red are not that violent.

I removed the second 'mind' and cleaned it up a bit.
I think it has improved.

The dot on the 'i' was asking a lot of attention.
So I changed it – for fun - into a moon.
My wife reads the magazine in bed. (No remarks here, guys. ;-)

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>No remarks here, guys.
Haha, i couldn't resist to quote this.

Yes, the orange cyan version feels better. But i don't think that it was necessary to center the subtitle, the square format does enough for stability (is that understandable what i mean, my poor english). And i prefered the "dot". Overall very nice in my opinion.

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Poms, you could be right.
It is too clean. Wonder what would happen if I place the subtitle somewhere out of line ...

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" Psychotic colors and lettering "


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