Ribbon Display Type

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New typeface we are working on based on classic ribbon type collection by Karl Klimsch..

We have more typographic work online, and will be posting some of the new typefaces in our online store
over the next few weeks.


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Very interesting font!

The bottom (lowercase) set has a couple issues that I can see.

-The "e" looks too similar to the "c" and by itself looks more like a small "p". Does the stem (or descender) have to be straight? If not, I'd curve it or give it a tail that came back under itself to the right to give it more shape.

-The same with the bottom of the "c". It really looks more like an "r" right now.

-The "z" looks more like a "3" to me. I know it's supposed to be a cursive/script "z", but as it is right now, you'd be spelling 3ebras, not zebras.

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Thanks P&E we are still modifying the U&lc as it was based on the Olde World lowercase letters .. so will upload a revised copy when its ready..

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