With Love from Ramallah for Twin Citians

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Forgive me if this is entirely the wrong place for me to do this Just wanted to let my fellow Twin Citians know that I have a very small part in a new play at Mixed Blood Theater on the West Bank (no not that one) in Minneapolis. I'd love to see you there!

How does this relate to typography? Hmmm./ The hand-drawn word in the poster is Arabic for "love".


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We do have a Twin Cities SIG in Special Interest Groups...

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Pretty cool.
Also interesting in this way is the "After Freedom" movie.

> The hand-drawn word in the poster is Arabic for "love".

Are you sure? The usual word for "love" is "hubb" (with a "raspy" "h").
I don't know what "gharaam" means (my Arabic isn't so hot though).
Hopefully Nadine will chime in.


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Thanks, John. I didn't know that forum existed!

Hrant, I don't know Arabic. I am the token white woman in the cast. ;)

We asked for the word "love" -- but I will talk to the actor who drew it for us. He is Palestinian. On a side note, there were several jokes made about the pronounciation of the word that were hilarious to the mostly Arab-speaking cast and could not be adequately translated for the few of us who are Arab-deficient.

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"Gharaam" might be "desire".
That is very nice poster.

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Alessandro is correct. I talked to Ayman last night. He says the photographer asked him to write out words related to the concept of love. The word chosen is roughly translated to "passion" and includes both passion between humans and passionate attachment, such as a longing for home -- which is quite appropriate in this context. Sorry for my error.

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> The word chosen is roughly translated to "passion"

Which actually has a much more interesting visual form than "hubb" (which is pretty boring - it's two "x-height" letters).

BTW, an interesting coincidence:


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What is your role in the play?
BTW: break-a-leg


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