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Hello everyone.

I'm starting work on a small annual report for a nonprofit focused on education in North America. For the past few years, I've used the fantastic Locator and Locator Display by Process. This year, I'd like to use the Display face again but invest in a nice serifed font for text. It would be great if the new font will belong to a larger family of typefaces, but it's not necessary. The primary goal is to have a text face that will be friendly and super legible but will also share some of the modern quirks of Locator in a very gentle way. It should not call overt attention to itself and it should be a bit of a workhorse.

I've somewhat ruled out Meta Serif but I'm considering Mendoza and Mokka as these are smartly crafted transitional faces. There's also Chronicle, which is lovely.

Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks, in advance.

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Newzald by Kris Sowerby, available at Village. I own and use Locator — planning on buying Newzald soon…

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Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Great suggestion. I'm a big fan of the KLIM typefaces and I saw Newzald when it came out. The only issue is that the x-height is a bit large relative to Locator, I think. I do like how it reads at 12/15...


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