Adding an instance in FL removes all OT features

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When opening/generating an instance in FL5.0.4 with Python like this:

fl.Add(Font(Font('/foo/bar/font.vfb'), (400, 400)))

all the OT features from the MM VFB are lost. That is not the case if you apply the Generate Instance on an open MM using the menu command.

Is this a feature or a bug?

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A "feature". You need to transfer font.features (a list, transfer items one by one), font.ot_classes (text) and possibly font.classes (list) separately. Karsten

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Thanks for the workaround Karsten.

font.classes from the MM font are preserved when using the Add instance method and I can't see a reason why the OT features shouldn't be passed to single master like they do when you are using the Generate Instance menu command. Re-attach them (transfer from MM to the new instance) like you describe works fine though.

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