Initial Capital - Which One?

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Once again I'm hoping for some input from the experts here.

Attached is a PDF with five different versions of the first page of my writing sample (for tenure track job applications in philosophy). The only difference from page to page is the initial capital. Which one do you prefer? I suspect this issue is just a matter of pure preference, and thus that there is no wrong answer here. That said, I'd still like to know what more experienced typographers and typesetters think.

I know that the kerning can be tweaked a bit more on many of them, but I would like to decide which one I'm going to use before I iron out all of the details. Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms?

Thanks in advance!


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I'd go with either the first or the last one.

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Nummer 5 has the best ‘colour’, by which I mean it fits best in the overall tone of the page. Number 4 would be okay if you would use a more display-ish version of the typeface (a thinner cut — the serifs are too heavy now and the thin/thick contrats too weak). If you could achieve this, that’s the way to go, imo.
The italic/swash versions are too distracting.

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Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Thanks for your comments. Bert, Number 4 already uses the Display optical size. (It is the same typeface used for the text: Adobe Jenson.)


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[bump] Anyone else have any comments or suggestions?

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