Seeking Display-size Quotation Mark

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I'm looking for a quotation mark that works as a display-size graphic and pairs well with Ed Roman and Ed Gothic:

I've made Ed Roman warmer and heavier with an outline stroke (not shown). And don't worry about the quotation marks being "fun," I can just shift one glyph higher than the other to make it fit in.

Unfortunately, the quotes on these fonts don't quite work for me, nor does anything I currently have installed. The best I could come up with, oddly, was Stencil, the "it came with the computer" font. Here's Ed Gothic, Ed Roman and Stencil:

Gothic's to stubby, Roman's too wiry, and Stencil has about the right proportion, but the tail (finial? hangy-down? hangy-up?) should probably come to a point, or near-point. Here they are, more "fun":

Any suggestions?

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What about Burbank, which is essentially an expanded take on the Ed Gothic style?

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It's more or less the same stubby character as Ed Gothic. I should stress that the quotation mark will be a standalone graphic. The actual quotation text will be set in a web font, likely Georgia. The quotation mark should really just look like what an average user would expect it to look like: a big ball with a curl coming out of it, tapering to a point ... and then a twin next to it.

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Ahh, then you might want to head to display Didone territory.


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Thanks, that's what I'm looking for!

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