Today is the first day of my second career

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Yesterday I punched in the alarm code for the very last time when I left Magelaan, the communication agency I worked at for the past 13 years. I closed the door on a 17 year career of graphic design and communication and transitioned from a life as employee to a life as independent. It was bittersweet parting, because I left behind more than just colleagues but friends.

This morning I took my bike and rode the 10 minute trip to FontShop’s Belgian franchise. From now on I will fill my days with stuff I never studied for. I will write. I will market. I will educate. I will network. I will mostly do that for FontShop USA and BeNeLux, but I already have my first type foundry client. My days will be filled with nothing but type, my first and only true (professional) passion.

Most people when they near their forties hit a midlife crisis, because they realize this is what they'll probably do until their retirement. Me, I just changed my career. This is about as exciting as it gets.


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I am so happy for you Yves! Mostly because this means I'll get to see you more often :)

Best of luck to you

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Bravo, Troubleman!!! It is great to pursue your passion while still young enough to have time to do it!
I wish you the greatest enjoyment and fulfillment in your new life!


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Congrats, you lucky duck!

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> It is great to pursue your passion while still young enough to have time to do it!

Well, the biggest change is that after a long day's work I won't need to get behind the computer to write about type anymore because that's what I'll have been doing all day. ;^) I'm through with constantly juggling three to four jobs plus a rock band and constantly running out of time.

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BTW I hope I'll be able to get back to moderating a bit more often. The Type ID Board has become very untidy these past weeks/months.

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Welcome back, comrade.

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I'm sorry for Magelaan crew. Who will they ask to identify a typeface? New members from Magelaan are foreseen at Typophile. Never look back. Good luck.

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I made them an account for the Type ID Board and explained them how it works. Before they just had to show up at my desk and hold the sample up. I'd look sideways, tell them what font it was and continue working. Pretty funny actually. :^)

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Congrats! I’m finally trying to build some kind of design career now that school is over and I can work full time. I’m looking forward to the day I can transition to type full time.

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Free !? Hardly free my man. Now you've only tightened the typo-shackles !!

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bold move, bald move, one of those. :)
big congrats Yves, you're gonna do great!

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Congratulations, Yves. Just don't be texting while you're on that bike.

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Congratulations, Yves. Sure sounds/reads like a great move. This will be fine, and fun. ;)


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congratulations, brave man!

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Yves, though we never met (but I hope we do someday) it seems like you made a really good career descision. I've been reading Typographer and many other things you write, and if someone should be doing what you are doing right now – it's you :)

Congratulations from Sweden and best of luck!

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Congratulations Yves!

I've been weighing out such a decision for myself and I'm 55 years old and still raising a kid on my own. I think its really a healthy thing to do what you really enjoy most. I'm sure you will do well.


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Congratulations Yves!


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Thank you all. :^)

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I thought you already worked there? :D Anyway congrats!

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Congratulations. A big plus for the world of type. Best Wishes.

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You are indeed a brave man to take such a step.

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Congratulations, Yves! A new perspective as well as new projects. Best of luck.
We did miss you on the dance floor this year. ;)

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¡Enhorabuena mi estimado pelón aplastado!


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All the best, Yves!

Who wouldn’t leave such a company? Heck, Magellan has an obituary post even for its imagesetter (only 8 years in service), but no farewell entry for the veteran type geek??
;^p ;^)

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Hehehehe, I think they'd rather not post not so good news. ;^)

> I thought you already worked there?

Only part time. Check Unzipped tomorrow for more explanations about the how, what and when.

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> We did miss you on the dance floor this year.

Dude, I missed you all, on or off the dance floor. ;^)

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> This morning I took my bike


Congratulations, Yves!

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Some more background information on the switch on Unzipped. David John Earls told me I was allowed to be self-absorbed during these times of fundamental change. ;^)

BTW I'll go back to my humble "Type ID Board cleaning lady" mode by the end of the week, I promise. :^P

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I was away over the weekend, so this comes a little late:

Congrats, Yyes.

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Go Bald!

One of my grandfather's more prolific quotes to me was, "Whatever it is you do with your life, do what you love, there's no other way to live." Sounds like you're on the right path, my friend.


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The defining phrase I live by (which I think I picked up from David Carson) is: "Ask yourself if you'd still do what you're doing if you weren't getting paid for it."

Now I only hope this doesn't give Joan, Petra and Rudy any funny ideas… :^P

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Congratulations Yves!

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Hermosa letra! Felicitaciones.

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“Ask yourself if you’d still do what you’re doing if you weren’t getting paid for it.”

I think most people would love to be able to say that Yves!

You are a lucky man. I wish you all the best in your new job.


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We need more of you to show others how to not depend on "The Man" for financial support.

There is no luck involved in doing what you want, just do it, for gosh honest sake!
Good job!

Everyone needs to be responsible for their own destiny.

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It's always best to do what you love and not worry about the money end of it. Congrats on your new life--may it be personally rewarding to you!

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Fair play Mr. Condensed, I hope I'm still living the dream when I'm pushing 40.

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Enjoy from the first day sire. Congratulations.

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Congratulations, Yves! Best wishes!

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