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something something

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I don't get either of the marks on the left. What do they symbolize?

- Lex

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I think the bottom left is an S? Or a seashell? No idea what the top left is.

I certainly don't understand how the creativity/composition concept is visually represented.

I've done so many jobs for this type of client - its so much more difficult than you initially think. You need to do some competitor analysis - look at what others are doing in this sector. I suspect you'll find Its dull variations of sameness. That could be a basis for communicating creativity - stand out. Is there likely to be a marketing budget/strategy?

Also - 'Creativity' is not a comfortable word for the software services industry, they find it messy - You need to be looking at 'innovation' (but it MUST have tangible results).

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fair comment i dont know what the **** im doing either.

The symbols as david rightly said are supposed to be the letter s, i was working with the idea of composition of shapes.

thanks for the advice though david, competitor exploration may yield some inspiration.

Im finding this difficult I must admit, if anyone else can help out it would be appreciated


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Only the bottom right design connotes programming but it's almost the first solution comes to someone's mind so I'm sure there are many similar out there. Why not just write "Scribendum.com"? No need for two lines. Better to write "Scribendum" on its own.

Beware of so called "competitor exploration". Many books and people recommend it for inspiration which leads to look-alike solutions everywhere. Try to do this in reversed order. Explore your subject well, write down some concepts and then explore competitors. Throw away the concepts already realized and focus on the rest. Programming is a relatively new profession and I'm sure you can find unique ideas.

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Why is the ".com" part of the logo? Are they purely an Internet venture?

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come up with another iteration.

The { and / form the symbol of a book being written in but also are connected to programming and syntax

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That's a nice mark - well done! Not sure about the placement yet, as it doesn't really connect with the name.
If you 'insist' on using the '.com' as part of the name, you need to work on its placement.

Looking forward to the next version.

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thanks seb

not me that insists, is the client maybe he could be persuaded to drop it though.

The spine of the book is aligned with the edge of the u.

Where do you think might be a better placement.



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have tried a different alignment this time.

I still feel like the .com needs to be range left to balance the logo, also if it is on the same side as the book the whole thing looks weight to one side

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This is definitely better - I like the way that 'S...' and 'com' align now. The mark works better too, well done.

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To me it looks more of a book publisher.

However, I do like the cleaniness of it all. And the color. Very strong.

The stacking of / and { are meaningless to me. It looks a bit chaotic.
I would concentrate on one of them.

But again, it looks like a publishing company.

I could be because of the used font.
Perhaps a sans like the one in your first example would fit the profile better.
The serif you used is a very nice font though. But not sure if it fits here.

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yea, the .com is bothersome. That maybe made sense in 1998. Not so much in 2008.

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The backslash is too large. Reduce the height of it a bit.

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I like it, but I'd like to see some other placements for the mark as well.

- Lex

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I find the gap between the u and m pretty distracting. Looks like you could turn those two into a ligature quite easily.

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Agree with Arcturus, the kerning here is really bad. That typeface was not meant for display or to be spaced that tightly. Compare the density of bendu with crib. Much darker. You're going to have to draw the letters to get decent lockup.

Ditch the com if possible.

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