Type releases, worth noting (July, ‘08).

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Selected newly released typefaces/type families and fonts, for the
month of July, 2008.

Sans: Enzo, by Tobias Kvant (FontFont).
Serif: Pitu, by Łukasz Dziedzic (FontFont).
Display: Lasagna, by Yomar Augusto (ReType).
Script: Pigtail, by Ko Sliggers (Dutchfonts).
Dingbat: Ornaments Accolades B, by Andreas Seidel.
Hebrew: Perlmutter, by Vic Fieger.
Free: Sniglet, by Haley Fiege.



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Glad you found the new FontFonts worthy of mention, David! If your audience is professional typographers I would link to the OpenType versions of FF Enzo and FF Pitu.

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Thanks, Stephen. I've seen the OT links, and right now I don't/can't really remember why I chose to still link to the 'normal' ones instead. (I will update those.)


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