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Hello, everyone! I've just finished a blitzkrieg of digitization, completing two ASCII character sets in two weeks. The result is Solvejg ("soul-veyg", for the Scandinavianly-impaired). I welcome critique, especially considering how fast I blazed through the production. Attached is a PDF sample. I hope you enjoy it...even the song lyrics I typed in at the end because they were stuck in my head.

UPDATED 4 May 09. New PDF added (NewSolvejgText.pdf); new post written below.

Slightly RE-UPDATED 7 May 09. After printing out the sample for myself I decided to make a few small changes. Flattened the bottom of the esses some, and made the roman t less cartoony. Replaced previous sample with SolvejgTextNew.pdf.

UPDATED AGAIN 2 May 10. And about time: I finally finished Solvejg Black; I'm hoping to have this ready for distribution within the next few weeks.

SolvejgSampler.pdf61.61 KB
SolvejgSampler.pdf61.61 KB
sibilants sibilants.pdf14.28 KB
SolvejgTextNew.pdf70.37 KB
SolvejgInJuly.pdf297.3 KB
SolvejgDecember.pdf197.85 KB
NewlyMinted.pdf18.65 KB
SolvejgInMay.pdf400.3 KB
Hamlet.pdf253.38 KB
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I’d take Nina’s word over mine anyday :)

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Forgot to add my disclaimer that I'm not an expert at this either. :)

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If there's a disagreement among the learnèd, I suppose I'll err on the side of my original intentions (and doing less work) and keep my roman "g" as it is. I agree, the sidebearings of the "s" need to be loosened up, and I'll get on that. For the rest of the spacing, what are bad spots that caught your eye? By now it's hard for me to tell.

People seem to talk about the italic and the roman being mismatched. I can see that too, to an extent. But everyone also says they don't know what to do about it, and I don't either. I could try approaching it sort of like Joanna, with arches not pointed and hairlines joining stems near the top, but it just seems like it would be a lot weaker-looking, and have nowhere near as much character. And I also don't think just rounding off the arches would work—the only way I can see it going with that change is a sort of Palatino style, and I don't think that would work right. I'll mock up some text with the italics and roman mixed and put that up here—maybe they'll look better together if you can see them harmonizing? Another thing is that the thought of redesigning all three italic lowercases fills me with dread.

I can probably make the "e" more angular to match the "a". Also, as far as the "ç", I've got pretty much all my composite characters still composite in the font—I haven't merged the contours. Is that something that's normally done? I remember from opening up Gentium that almost all its letters were made up of little movable pieces. I just never seem to be able to get mine all to stop showing white overlap spaces, even after telling TypeTool to point all the contours in the proper Type1 way.

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The only spacing issue I spotted was 'Text' the e seems too close to the T compared to how far it is from the x. (Well I only printed the first page, and kept looking at letterforms couldn't really focus on spacing)

The Italic is more of a distant relative than a cousin or sibling, I find this to be positive and quite unique actually. You got two companion typefaces that have great potential of complementing each other in a composition.
This doesn't occur in the PDF but maybe an Italicized word within a sentence may look odd to some people, well you can always include a Demibold for emphasis, and that'll make Hrant happy.

I love this type family and the Display is really successful.

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Hello everyone,

I believe I'm about 99% done with this font, which is exciting. Before I call it done, though, I want to put up a bit of something I made tonight, showing the roman and italic mixed. I think they do okay together; how about you? It's called Hamlet.pdf, in the list at the top. If anyone has any other concerns, let me know. As long as they're not about kerning, because I was using Inkscape and couldn't kern, and thus this is kerned horribly.


P.S. Forgot to mention other things. I squared off the "e" a little, and loosened the spacing around the "s", since last time.

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The italics in the Hamlet.pdf look a fraction too tight for me? (Tracking, not kerning!) Again, no I'm no expert myself.

I'm not sure if you were asking for any feedback but I think the Hamlet layout doesn't need to be so 'jumpy' as your type already has so much flair! So many point sizes distract from displaying your careful attention to the weight. I'd avoid using this as a sample for that reason.

Certainly great work with the typeface though.

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Hi everyone,

I'm a little late getting the news out here, but Solveig is now available from Veer! Here's a link. It's been a great font to work on and I hope you enjoy it.

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Well done, I think this is really beautiful - it's not something that I would ever conceive but it captures my imagination.

It makes me want to live in the woods, discover some truth about myself, write a book about it and set the title in Solveig.

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That was beautiful. If one of my typefaces makes someone feel like that, I must be doing something right. Thanks.

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