"Tacky" typeface suggestions...

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I'm working on a poster for a party.. The idea is "Tacky Holly Golightly." Pink champagne/Cigarette holders/Virginia Slims/Bubblegum cigarettes will be given out at the party.

I used Candy Script and really felt good about it, but this is the response I got: "The 'champagne Jam' typeface isnt blowing
me away... Blingy and bubbilicous. The font should give me the feeling of girlies with luscious lipstick drinking tacky pink drinks by the pool in too-short shorts."

Now.. that's the feel I am getting from the Candy Script. Granted, when I think "tacky type" I think Curlz and Eurostile. I've never had to make something look both good and "tacky" before so I would *highly* appreciate some suggestions from you guys to help get me out of this box!

Aw heck, I'll post the image so you can see the context I'm working with:

Champagne Jam poster

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I'm not knowledgeable enough about fonts to give you a suggestion about a specific one, but I wanted to give you my impression anyway.

To me the font is too thick and bulky. The capital "C" and "J" are just too clumsy. I think a more delicate, slightly more refined font would better suit your needs.

Hope that helps in some way.

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Please read my post, as "refined" is really quite the opposite of what I need. In my mind, a failed attempt at refinement is the very definition of tacky, but this leaves me at a loss as far as typeface options to consider. Besides, you know.. Papyrus.

Candy Script, to me, at least had both playfulness and a suggestion of elegance combined.

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Refined as in classic or more serious isn't what I meant. I guess I should have said . . . more girly.

Here are two that perhaps illustrate what I mean better:

Feel Script: http://www.sudtipos.com/fonts/91

Buffet Script: http://www.sudtipos.com/fonts/27

*Edit* Oh, and NO PAPYRUS.

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Any of the Ed Benguiat fonts from House Industries evoke that fine combination of retro/tacky/elegant:


...and Font Diner has loads of retro fonts to evoke that Holly Golightly feel:


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