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I'm a designer who knows that I need a lot of help improving my type skills. Will you me give some valuable critiques on which typographic version you prefer and what I could do to improve either? At this point, I'm only concerned about the actual letterforms, not any icons or anything else.
I'm concerned that the top version of Canopa feels a little too techy with the "n" with no tail, and I thought the capital "n" felt too... default all caps.

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I don't get a "techy" feel from the top one. I like the simplicity of the letters and the spacing. It sits nicely with me. Even though it may be a bit boring, I like the top one better. To me the tail on the "n" just doesn't fit.

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Thanks pennANDink. I especially appreciate that you don't think it's techy.

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I would round the top join (and possibly the bottom join?) of the "P," as it doesn't seem to fit with the rounded angles of the "A" and "N."

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Good call on the "P". I like the top "N", feels modern but not overly techy. The bottom one doesn't work for me, just seems a bit awkward.

What exactly is the identity for?

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Thanks for your helpful comments. Here's an update. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

The identity is for a local retailer. I'd prefer to have this critiqued as though it was a font (albeit a limited quantity of letters) so I can improve letter drawing.

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I do like the lower one. The tail adds a bit of flair.
But since it has no purpose, I would loose it too.

Both are not techy, this probaly due to the spacing between the letters.
It has a basic feel to me.

Rounding the corners is a good comment.

Looks like kerning is slightly off between AN.

Nice type!

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Nice work and I enjoy seeing how this has developed and will progress.
But I am wondering why you are modulating the stroke width on the 'C' -
or maybe it just my eyes playing tricks on me?

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No your eyes are not playing tricks, I guess. I see it too.
But it seems that the C is a result of the O in which the stroke width is adjusted.

I see that this is not the case in the P where you would also expect the same treatment.

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There is a slight adjustment in widths. For example, the bowl of the P modulates a little (maybe it needs a little more), as does the with of the right leg of the A.

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