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Hi all,

Can anyone share their tips on sourcing fonts, I have a specific shape I need for two letters (c and f), I may have to create them in illustrator, but wanted to check if whats out there, so, can anyone give advice on how to find fonts, is it a case of just putting the time in on font sites, I find that I can spend days doing this, there are so many, the categories help to a certain degree.

Appreciate any help.


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maybe rough sketch them and upload a bitmap to "what the font" at

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You can try Identifont instead -- not always that accurate, but it can narrow things down a little. It will ask you a series of questions about the face you're looking for, like "Serif or sans?" or "Is the crossbar on the A angled or straight?".

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Hi Lee,

do a sketch and throw it to the beasts of the Typophile Type ID Board. ;-)

In addition to the services mentioned above, there’s TypeNavigator by FontShop.
Here’s a good article on finding fonts:

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Thanks for the help, I am currently sketching away :)

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