Rockwell with rounded serifs?

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Is there a font out there that could be described as Rockwell with rounded serifs? We're looking for something like this for a charity project, like Rockwell, but would want to have it a bit softer, and if the serifs had round endings, that would do it. We've tried it by rounding the corners on a few characters, but are wondering what's the closest existing font would be.

Many thanks.

Edit: Ah yes, and it shouldn't be any typewriter font.

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Have you considered FF Tisa? It doesn't have anything to do with Rockwell rounded but it is a very nice slab serif face with a soft/friendly feeling...

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Ignore the name, and you'll find that URW Typewriter is actually a rounded slab serif in the Rockwell/Serifa/Glypha mode.

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Many thanks. We'll go for the URW Typewriter :)

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