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I need to buy Sabon to complete a design I'm working on, and I would like your opinion as to the best:

Family / Set
Website / Source

to buy it from.

This is the first time that I have considered investing in an entire family, since I've mainly just purchased individual or display fonts up to this point. (Anyone around here knows I'm new to design.) Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Alessandro is right. And here are the only other digital versions, referred to in JFP's text about Sabon Next:

Monotype Sabon
Linotype Sabon (Stempel)

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Thanks for the guidance. I'm going with the Linotype package from

Nick Hladek

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Just my fleeting observation -- Linotype Sabon Next, as drawn by Porchez, is a very nice Garamond. But it is not Sabon.

The license is a bit hard to take, as are all the new Linotype licenses.

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The other well-equipped Sabon is from Bitstream/Tilde where it's called Classical Garamond

There were other Sabon versions: Symposia from Compugraphics, Sabius from URW, Savoy from URW/Softmaker and Sarone from Castcraft, but their current availability is unknown.

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