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Hello again!

I'm doing logo and layout for my student organizations member magazine.

It's a swedish magazine and is called "Askungen" wich translates to either cinderella or ash kid (ask ungen). The organizations name is ASK (Arcada Studerandekår). So the name of the magazine is an amusing one.

I'm pairing Daw Wide, which is their font and can't be changed, with Caecilia. I already made the calender where I used this combination and I think it works quite well (

Now i have started on a logo set in Dax Wide black. I'm planning on using Dax Wide light for headlines in the magazine and maybe Dax Wide black for larger articles. Caecilia will be used for body text.

Here's what I got so far. I'd like to soften the Dax Wide and the two second versions are an attempt at that. The small text is Dax Wide bold in one version and Caecilia heavy in the other.

Castigate away...

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I prefer the modified headline of the last two. I would use Caecilia for the lower text. I think it provides nice contrast,

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I'm getting askingen

connecting the letters seems useless, an unnecessary step.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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parted the un combination and added something that's supposed to look like ash. Like someone put out their cigarette(s) on the logo.

the logo will either be in all black or white depending on the background.

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Distressed seems a bit faddish to me; I like the earlier direction better.

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Yeah I'm worried about that too. Right now I'm thinking about making the cover very busy and then this style will probably not fit as well.

I'm going to work on the cover for a while and see what becomes of it and continue with this later.

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alrigth, had some free time to work on this one some more.

This where I'm at now.

Any feedaback appreciated.

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another version

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seems to be heading in the "corporate" direction ... not really well positioned for a youth audience IMO.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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I think the "corporate" direction is coming through as a result of the font choice. Not that it's necessarily bad, but I think something with a little more drastic style to it — especially since this is for a magazine — will serve your purpose better. Try experimenting with more extreme weight differentials between "ask" and "ungen". Or even extreme weights across the board (by that I mean ultra thin or ultra bold).

All in all I think this is much better than you had before, but I do agree with Ratbaggy, that it may be too corporate for your intended audience.


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New version.

I changed type to Caecilia that I'm using for body text in the magazine. Couldn't get rid of the corporate feel that Dax Wide has.

I'm also thinking about dropping the "Arcada studerandekårs medlemstidning" text from the logo and add it as part of the layout on the front cover instead.

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