Changing name on Typophile

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Good afternoon!
Well i've changed some stuff and now i want to change my username here... youremin no longer exists. How may i do that? Who should i contact?

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Click on 'My account' at the right. Click on 'Edit'. Click on 'Additional Information'.

There you will see your user name. Change it. Save.

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Almost, William. There, you can ‘only’ change your full name . For a change of the user name, TTFKAY has to contact a moderator. Who’s a moderator? Check the Read Me page.

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Ah, at one time you could do it yourself, but I guess that's changed.

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Yes, sometime ago there was something to change even the subdomain but now...
which of the moderators should i contact?

Joel Santos // youremin
sound & visual

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