Editing H&Js

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Working in Quark, is there any kind of golden rule regarding H&Js? ex: one set of configurations works best for sans serif and another for serif fonts? Is there one universal setting? Or is it just trial and error until one finds their personal preference? Same for fraction preferences?

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Trial and error for me, with a few provisos:

As little letterspacing as possible (ie, Minimum, Optimum and Maximum Char space set to either the same or a teeny bit different -- like -0.5, 0, 0.5);

With most typefaces, Optimum word space can come down significantly (like to 85 or 90%). Char space can often come down too (like -3, -2.5, -2);

Auto hyphenation off -- best do it manually.

ymmv, obviously.


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Great help, thank you both.

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