Margins - for an annual report

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Just wondering if the bottom margin is meant to be bigger than top generally and the right one more than the left on a single pg. They are going to be double pg spreads and the right margin will be the one nearer the centre of the pg of a double pg spread. Approximately how many mm is the average to work with when it comes to margins for an annual?

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meant to be ... generally - how many mm is the average

There are no rules in design. Make it look good.

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The answer is 42 ;) (you just need to figure out in which measuring system)

... The Wikipedia page on page construction canons might be helpful for you.

In general, when you are working with page spreads, making the outer margins wider then the inner margins is practical, as it lets the reader hold the pages at the sides while making the content of the facing pages appear as a cohesive unit.

Xerox Publishing Standards may be interesting for you.

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Haha it's not 42. I'm just asking generally what the average for a corporate document like an annual report would be. So I guess that the ones on either side are larger but what about top and bottom? The bottom one is larger then I suppose. Thanks for the link Lars.

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For reports, I like to use a hangline about 1/4 way down the page and keep above for heads, blocks of color, pullquotes and general whitespace and breathing room.

Of course, this works for some projects and not for others.

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On a wider point - set up a rock solid grid with columns and a baseline grid for type. Play around with this and you can have endless combinations but it will give you the structure to work with.

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