Weapon of choice...

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Ok... so InDesign this, Quark that, PC or Mac... blah blah...

What's your weapon of choice for the "wet" analog type you produce?

Mine's a cheap Lamy fountain loaded with purple ink - I have one in aluminium somewhere - but it gets a bit dented - and I've "mis-placed" it somehwere...


Come on now... who's going to be the first to admit to being a Bic-biro lover?


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Uniball Micro pens, baby. Or a brush and a bottle of jet black ink (really).

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It may not be wet, and it may not be 0,1, but I love it nonetheless and its my personal 'weapon of choice'.: 'CretaColor Monolith Graphite'.. :-)

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Koh-i-noor Rapidomatic 0.3 mm mechanical pencil.
Pilot Fineliner.
Rotring Artpen (calligraphy, various nibs)

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A Staedtler mechanical pencil, with a little window that shows what kind of lead is in there (manually set, of course). And much more important: with an eraser!!


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Could you provide a link to that pencil? Sounds wonderful.


Pen/Pencil Freak

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9H 4H and HB pencils. Last days I have been playing with a cheap set of broad nib fountain pens which you have to deep wash and brush every time thye

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David got the link; here's mine:

(BTW, I don't use B lead - I just had to twist the ring so you could see the window.)


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Ohhhhhhhh, Hrant. That's sex-saayyyyy!

Now 'fess up -- where'd ya get it?

Tell me, tell me, tell me, please!

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I got it about a year ago from a stationary store called "Pepa Paper" in L'Isla, a shopping center on Barcelona's Diagonal boulevard. Before that I used a plastic Pentel mechanical pencil, which was really almost as good (just not as sex-saayyyyy).


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Gotcha. Thanks! By the way, Fredrik, my hat's off to you. When I'm not looking for high tech, I use a General's Sketching Pencil for rough sketching -- the one with the super wide lead, like a carpenter's marking pencil. Sharpen it with my ol' Marine Corps K-BAR knife.

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Berol Draughting Pencil.

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Going off subject a second - does anyone else have a fetish for scanning in 3D objects on their scanner? Check out the warping on this cup...

Cup Warp

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Currently I'm liking my 8H Mars-Lumograph and my 6H Sanford Turquoise pencils. I never much went for soft lead.

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> a fetish for scanning in 3D objects


Correct guess gets to hold it/them in his/her hand at TypeCon.


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My Pre-digital WMDs are:
1. Liquitex Acrylic (usually black and white but my bottles are not OS-X native so I had to use thw Classic Red)
2. Steig Pen-Opaque
3. Pelikan tusche
4. My near-and-dear Alteneder ruling pen, and
5. Windser Newton Red Sable

I should also mention rags and jars of water but they don't qualify in the same league as the above. :-)

Chris L
low tech tools

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Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Pen, with black ink. No finer writing stick!

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Sorry to be a little off topic here, but I couldn't pass the opportunity to rant about the idiotic stylus designs that Wacom has come out with recently.

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We are Devo.

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Everyday, I use similar tools as Nick, with a Wacom tablet under macX. But when I teach, I ask to students for such things that I used loooong time ago.

Note that the various rules are just here for baseline and such side things. I can be very dangerous if I see a student starting to use them to draw his typeforms. Very.

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