Obama's Gotham Takes Off

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H&FJ must be happy about this :)

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What's going to happen when Obama becomes president? All of this branding will go to waste.

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That's what I've been wondering too. After the election what happens? Business as usual - or will improving design be a pillar of his presidency?

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"What’s going to happen when Obama becomes president? All of this branding will go to waste."

Isn't that true of most any branded ephemera?

That said...the Obama Posters you see are something interesting. Marketing material in the form of art that might actually be retained after the event.

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"What’s going to happen when Obama becomes president?"


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I’m not an Obama fan by any means, but I really don’t see McCain wining, unless something major happens that turns the tide. Ok, enough of politics.

Regarding the logos, Obama will certainly run for a second term, thus all of the branding can be recycled, or updated.


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The development would be the smaller bill by a long shot when compared with that of the implementation and production.

Anyone know how much graphics for a plane cost?! We are talking about the guy who declined $80M of public electoral funding in favor of raising his own capital - an estimated $200M!

Kinda puts even the most exorbitant design fees in the shade.

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McCain is not a friend of Boeing, so I would not be surprised if the guys in St Louis (or wherever) did it for free.

A Boeing paint shop...


Cheers, Si

$20 says McCain tags it before the end of the month.

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Does anyone else think Gotham is getting overexposed? It seems like it has quickly become SafeSans, The All-Purpose, All-Pleasing Font.

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It probably is getting overexposed, which will be a shame with there is a resultant backlash. I was going to compare it to Auto and Bello from Underware, which went through a very visible rise and fall over the last couple of years.

This probably isn't accurate though, as Gotham is certainly more timeless and less stylish than Underware's faces were.

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