A knuckle-cracker of a typeface

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Hi all,

I'm working on an album cover for a band, and I'm looking for a display face to experiment with. Specifically, I'm looking for something something rough, raw; the sort of typeface that would beat you up in an alleyway. Part brute, part showman. The album has lots of connotations to religion and an underlying spaghetti western/military feel here and there. The band's point of reference was—half jokingly—the Wu Tang logo, at least in terms of its over-the-top brutish qualities. Apologies if this is all terrifically vague!

As far as the project goes, it's for a folk/drone record with a ton of distortion and odd experimental sounds, and it'll be a digital print with a colour palette of two or three.

Any more information that would be useful, let me know! But anything you could suggest would be hugely appreciated.


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Try this thread, possibly, for some ideas.


The Freight Micro Black Ital might be a direction.

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A few that would kick my ass for sure- 850doublebumperalley, Backspacer, Copsucker, Short Wave, and TheDekoSide.


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Acropolis and Knox from Hoefler & Frere-Jones are both pretty tough.

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How about Stud?

Nick Hladek

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