A typographic connection to Dorchester, UK?

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I hoping for a little assistance in making a typographic connection to the town/area of Dorchester in Dorset, UK.

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Hi James,

there’s always Dorchester Script
(Okay, that was an easy one).

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I believe a fella called Alan Reynolds Stone is from Dorset...or maybe he was just buried there.
He was an engraver and such...but he also did some typography, I think a face called Minerva is his.


It's a stretch, but there you go!

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v.good Florian, I probably deserved that!

Impressive connection Leigh, you were right called Minerva, lived and buried in Dorset.
Many thanks for that.

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Reynolds Stone did a number of woodcuts showing people reading.

He certainly loved the Dorset countryside.

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Yes what attention to the details, and a reader for every generation.

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Those woodcuts are great. Love that second one.

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