Logo Critique Please

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Let me know what you think, and any suggestions you might have.

Severe Logo

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You have spacing problems with the word Severe. Start by looking at the first group of letters as a unit. Look at the SEV relationship, the gap between the E and V makes the S look too tight, the balance is off. Same can be said with the VER combination. The last E is just floating by its lonesome self. After adjusting the VER combination, see what you need to do with the last E.
One last thought drop the V down so the top is even with the E's and let the bottom of the V separate Extreme Eating from Do you dare to indulge?

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Daniel Weaver >> ...drop the V down...

I second that

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The stroke weight is all wrong, the S is a bit sloppy in its curve transition and serifs, the R is weak. Why is the end E orange/red?
You could try something like this with the V:

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How about giving up the descending serifs on the E's (the part that goes below the baseline). I find it overpowering and disturbing.

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Absolutely no offense to anyone in this restaurant logo class, but, out of curiosity, do you not have peer critiques within class?

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apparently it has been substituted by the typophile critique

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