Unused logos - what do you do with them?

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A quick poll, what does everyone do with their unused logos? Some say they use them for 'spare parts', others for inspiration, others say they it's cheating to use them again.

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And others think it's wrong to discuss them... my apologies in advance :)

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Nice spam?

Paul Ducco
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Sorry, not trying to spam. Should have left off my signature before.

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Well whatever anyones opinion about 'recycling' old logos - selling them is just wrong. And even more so if you buy them! What a farce.

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How so, jayyy?

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yeah; it is wrong. completley wrong.

® ɯɐs ʎʞɔıɹ™

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"Sorry, not trying to spam."

But you are.

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Recycling is the way, but not reselling :) I'd usually just incorporate them into new designs as fru fru.. on the background etc. :D sometimes if i really like the logo I include it on my portfolio :)

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When working in identity development the standards we should aspire to is a tailor-made design solution in response to a clients' communication problem. This recycling of logos is a reverse engineered idea where the designer (or client) browses unused concepts and logos and picks one based purely on aesthetics.

THAT is more like browsing in a Goodwill store for an identity than design.

Design is a process between client and designer and choosing a 'brand' from hacked old and unused logos is a farce and, I believe, unethical.

If a designer is lucky enough to be able to find an unused concept that BEST FITS a new project, well good for them. But selling them - please.

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I think that it may be silly to buy a random unused brand rather than work one-on-one with a designer to come up with the best possible representation of their company, I don't see any way that it is unethical.

Ridiculously dumb, maybe. But if someone wants to sell and someone wants to buy, then win-win for them, I suppose.

I personally use my 'unused' logos in personal portfolios, or just keep them for possible inspiration later on.

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Unethical was a bad choice of word. But I feel that certain relationship is founded between a client a a designer during the design process and the by products of that should not be sold.

Each to their own. It just ain't for me.

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