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first post :) I'm always impressed by the qualified feedback in this forum - so I'll post my actual work.
It is a logo for a photographer (here seen on his business card). His approach is to be a creative, insightful photographer and having a high technical standard at the same time.

What do you think?


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That's a fun name to work with. I'm not sure I grasp the concept of the mark. Is that supposed to be an exclamation point on top of the i?

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Yeah ... you've got the right idea ... but it's needing some work ... why do you need two i's - one upside down etc?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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I think it would be a great mark for a watchmaker.

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hi, thanks for your comments.
Yes, its an exclamation mark. In written it would be: 'Till!' The exclamation should stand for 'idea', 'action'.

Hmm, I guess this needs more work if it's not recognizable :(
Is the problem the font so that the '!' is not identified as one?

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Why not use the exclamation mark as the i? so it would read "T!ll"

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Yes, I thought about this. But it's so ... common. I've seen it (too) many times.

Hm, on the other side it would be more readable. I have to think about it :)

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Well, I don't think the exclamation point works as it is. Why not actually write it out:


Till is a fun word. I don't think you need to decorate it too much.

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I think that the color palette and font you chose work particularly well for this. It's nice work. I had a hard time understanding the skewed exclamation mark/upside down "i" as well. I tried to tie it back to photography, but couldn't quite make the connection.

I like aluminum's idea. I also like the idea for the exclamation mark as the "i" but I understand your reservations.

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Hi, I tried some of your recommendations and also some new. Please have a look!


'Till' is not very uncommon here in germany ... so it has to look somehow special.

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I like the original the best. Maybe try using a different typeface for the exclamation mark - something like Bodoni that has the classic exclamation mark shape.

- Lex

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the last one read Tilli

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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I like the versions on the top right and the bottom right. Although, the exclamation points are starting to read as a person to me in many of the versions -- random and maybe just me.

It could be interesting to try Lex's suggestion to use a different typeface for the exclamation mark.

I like what you tried with the camera/tripod (great illustration, by the way) but I feel like the whole mark lost a little impact with that treatment.

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What about this?

A quick draft. Needs refining off course.

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I think the tripod one is a bit too complicated compared to the text. It might be able to be refined, but right now it reads Tlll. The i doesn't look particularly like an i.

I like the exclamation point at the end, but I do agree that it reads a bit like Tili.

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I like the original idea or how about something like this...

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I like the original draft, but agree that the exclamation needs to read better. Maybe if the bottom corners angled in a bit more. Maybe reverse the colors. The exclamation mark (the idea) could be bright and unconventional green, while the 'i' (the body) is solid and defined brown.

On another note, I'm not sure that the logo conveys anything about photography. To me it says that Till is a creative person that comes up with exciting ideas.

Maybe that is enough. Love the simplicity.

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What if instead of a large exclamation point, you have 3 much smaller tick marks to emulate eyelashes (The dot becoming an eye = photographer's eye)

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How about enlarging the dot on the i and making it look like a camera shutter?

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You could do that... if you wanted to rehash a tired cliche.

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oh snap clashmore!

Nick Hladek

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hi, thanks for your very nice comments / ideas.

@bobbybobo: I played a little bit with the exclamation mark as person idea - but ended up in thinking that it looks too much like this icons on the mens rest room (sorry) :(
I have a "inverse" idea with this, maybe I'll post it later.

@hola: thanks for the suggestions but I miss the "dynamic" element here. But maybe its an idea to see the whole word as a camera and ... hm, I'll think about this.

@aluminum, spire: yes, I had this symbols in other approaches - but felt the are too much in combination with the excl. mark. Although they would symbolize photography.

Right now I'm struggling with the mark in another typeface like some of you suggested. Not easy, it tends to loose the simplicity ... I hope I can post some versions later.

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Here my actual versions. I think I go with one from the left. Which color set do you like best?
On the right some ideas with prism/ray and inverted (light / shadow) 'i'. But I think the versions on left work better, right?

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The exclamation looks better in a different colour or in the rounded form.

I liked the idea for the camera tripod replacing the i but it wasn't very flushed out. Maybe use a more unorthodox camera image like the one on

i don't see any winning marks but i'm not sure that your exclamation one wouldn't work...

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The Till logo here is very bold.
The tripod from Kikkerland is small and fragile. In my opinion not suitable for this style.

Choosing from these:
I would go for the middle and/or bottom of the left column. These are strongest.
And, in a way the exclamation mark has something of a flash?!?!

I would move the exclamation mark a bit to the right. The dot is not opticaly centered over de 'i'.

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Do you have any updates?

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hi, at the moment it seems like we are going with the second on the left (the greenish one). But the photographer is on vacation, so the final decision is still pending.

And thanks for your hint with the 'i' dot - you are right, I will correct this!

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oke. Thanx for the update.

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