Help me out with some layout, kay?

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Hey! I'm Kelvin and I'm new to the forums. I am working on a project which requires me to do a set of stationary sets for a state government, of which i am stuck right now. None of the composition works for me. and I am not sure why. Below would be the current name card design i am working on. i already went through a few sets which my lecturer is unhappy with. Would help lots if someone could post a link to where i can find out more about facsimile layouts. Thanks!

about the design.
the design is supposed to show how the state is a state that is mountainous and has an abundance of mineral and fertile soil. hence the graphic and colour scheme.

looking forward for critiques. :)

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Hi Kelvin

What I notice is a difference in form and typography.
You used a serif for the name, but a very open typography (somewhat like the Avant Garde, can't see well what it is.)
That doesn't work for me.

There is a kind of romance in the colors, the lettering for the logo. But the name, phone etc. has a very cold dimension.
Perhaps if you alter that, it becomes more of a unity?

Further, less is more.
The idea of mountains and letting it come back in the design is good, I think.
Although the forms contrast to the lettering. Not bad, it gives it more attention.
But too much is too much! Keep it simple.

I like the design upper left the best of the once you show.
Perhaps the logo should be lifted a bit to clear from the forms. I feel it is to close.

For the reversed side, you might want to think of placing the phone, email etc. in a white letter on that brownish color?

Play with it!

Last. The lettering of the logo.

I see that Perak is close together than state. It looks a bit odd to me. Especialy because the 'st' of state gets a lot of attention and stand closer together than 'ate'.
That is strange. I would place state closer together.

Hope this helps.

Overall, it has a very nice feel!



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Wow, that was a really constructive comment! I really thank you for it! i learnt much from it. :)

I'll post the new wip once it's done? I'll try to tweak it to the best of my capability. Also. any suggestion on the font? :X.

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"Further, less is more."

I concur. The logo is strong. no need for the extra shapes around the border.

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i actually went with a erally simple one in the first batch. my lecturer didn't like it. D:

hence the extra stuff. i personally like things plain and simple. :D

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I agree with aluminum. Less is more. Keep it simple. In simplicity you will find the greater force. Too much will clutter and draw away the attention and diminish the overal experience.

Did your lecturer say why he/she didn't like it?
That is important. I'm very interested about that.

Can we see the simple one from your first batch? Even if it is not as elaborate as the one you have shown?

About suggestions on the font.
That is in a way personal.
Find something that will fit your overal idea.

Personally I always try to use as little fonts as needed.
In this case I might go for the same as you have used in your logo.
But remember, that is not the only choice.
Perhaps you intended to create a contrast. If that is what you intended, then you did well. But I think it is too much.

Just try a few.
You will see what works or not.

Best of luck.


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