Suggestions for a "British Raj" typeface?

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Hello Typophiles.

I'm looking for a typeface along the lines of something you might associate with the not so glorious type of The British Empire (British rule in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947).... or as my client refers to it as "British Raj." Something obviously serifed and / or scripted is the direction we are wanting to venture off in.

I've been playing around with Dalliance, and although I do really like the outcome so far, I'd really like to find some other faces to play with.

As always, suggestions / help is always much appreciated.


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No big thing … i just had to think of "45 degrees in Jaipur/Rajasthan" plus Dalliance … and Oxtail came into my mind immediately

Perhaps all over the top, but who knows.


Some more of what comes into my mind right now –
Gill Sans, Bookman Old Style, Caslon 540, Hoefler Text, Bell MT, Corona, Maple, Parry/Parry Grotesque, ok then Baskerville, Mrs. Eaves – this is a "font cloud" i would start with … no special order here

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Thanks Poms. Much appreciated. Not sure if the Oxtail will do me right on this one, but I do like it!

The second font cloud, although a great collection of typefaces, might not work. I'd love to find a few more Script faces to play with.

Suggestions anyone?


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