Font for a hotel rebrand.

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I'm looking for a suitable font for a 5 star hotel, the hotel design is Art Nouveau is style so something that is decretive but still has a stylish, sophisticated look and feel. All advice welcome or if anyone has seen something similar I'd love to have a look. Maybe a font designed in the 1920's as thats when the hotel was built? Look forward to hearing!

Many Thanks

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This is heading more in the Art Deco direction, but isn't the 1920's a bit late for Art Nouveau?

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What options did you find yourself?

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hey thanks for your help,

I suppose art deco would better describe it.

Here is what I have been working on. The hotel its self is broken up into 3 sections so I looked at this for inspiration. Its also in Malta and only 3 of Malta's Islands are inhabited by people (as far as I know) Anyway let me know what you think


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Hi There

The element (and color) you show has an upper class feel. It looks a bit like a crown, but I think it could be refined. Perhaps some shapes of the mentioned islands?

But there is no coherency between the 'crown' and the fonts used. The ratio of the image and the type. See my image.

Especialy the upper version strikes me as a bit odd.

The lowest looks much better (much classier), but the typography used is somewhat common. Not always a bad thing, though.

Have you looked at lowercase lettering?

The idea of three inhabited islands is a good find. But be 100% sure of that. It will be a selling point and you don't want the customer to tell you otherwise.

Could you explain the 'crown'? What does it represent?

Hope this helps.

Best of luck.


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I have to agree with Bobbybobo, the last sample speaks to me in a way that the first 2 samples do not. They become too thematic in my mind. My 2 cents.

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Hi Amyloo

Do you have any updates you want to share with us?

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