Metropolitan Bus Company

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hi, e'one.
this is a logo i developed for a bus company
from Moscow called "Stolichnaya Avtobusnaya Kompaniya" (that translates as "Metropolitan
Bus Company").. any comments?


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Superb anti-Latinized glyphs in #1!


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thanks, Hrant. as a sourse i took Grimoire
by Felix Braden

its reminds me russian store boards
from 60's..

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I agree with Andrij abouth that

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Dmitry, are the colors set in stone? Not that its a problem but red, black and orange, black are used alot. You might blend in rather than stand out. Look at a metalic orange or floursanent color. I like 3 if you could imply motion better. Gradients in the archs, or dividing the arcs so pieces go from apart to solid. Good solid work your not far away.

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I absolutely love #1

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thanks for attention.


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Good work!

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4a, no doubt.
More space between the name and the text could make it look better

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I don't know what it is, but this is one of the nicest marks I've ever seen in here. It just has a great vibe to it.

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and here comes the client..
it was like "nice.. but i want you to make some changes.."
and here is the rezult..

at moments like this i hate myself:-(

anyway #1 was best one for me (love contrast between straight and curved shapes)

2 Andrij:

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Dmitry, I understand the client's desire to have more forceful (rather than primarily dynamic) typography, but I'm with you in saying that I think that revision detracts from the overall logo. It's still very effective, though, particularly with that nice marque.

Perhaps this is a regionally biased viewpoint, but where I live currently (in the US), orange is the "universal colour" to represent construction

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