Stylish and elegant typefaces

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i'm curious to know what typophile readers find to be the most elegant and stylish typefaces, and why. also, what makes a typeface elegant? and, is elegance intrinsic or conferred upon? maybe it is a lot to answer. mostly i'm interested in readers at least listing what typefaces they find to be the most elegant.

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Interesting question. I wouldn't combine elegant and stylish though, because to me the former has austerity while the second has flair.

What makes for elegance? Narrowness seems to be the strongest factor, but also conservatism, rigidity and smoothness. Like Times is a very elegant face, actually (which is why it's really a display face and not a text face - at least in digital).


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Stylish, almost anything by Emigre, Mason alternates are used on the new Troy movie poster. Elegant Sloop by Font Bureau comes to mind.

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i suppose i grouped the two words together because they both found together in the definition of classy. but i hate using that word since donald trump ruined it.

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