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hey all,

I created this poster and its about to go to print. Iam not really sure if it works. Ive spent a lot of time on this and I feel like iam just pushing around things and its not ever going to finish. So I cropped it up a bit to make it look tighter. The poster is going to be 36x48.

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Looks great.


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Nice. everyhting is well balanced.A tiny bit of color would be nice. perhaps a red "we can"
would be sweet (but not neccesary). The "we can" seems too be set too tight. open it up a bit... otherwise just about perfect.

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thnx for the feedback you guys. I will open up "we can" and see how it looks in color. Originally I had the poster in color but iam going for b&w due to cost issues, but iam open for color if it will change the impact of the poster. I will post the final version later tonight.

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thnx for the feedback you guys. I will open up "we can" and see how it looks in color. Originally I had the poster in color but iam going for b&w due to cost issues, but iam open for color if it will change the impact of the poster. I will post the final version later tonight.

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I don

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I think the 'WE CAN!' is a bit too shy and retiring. At the moment, it works fine close up, but across the street, say, or a subway platform, it won't register enough. I'd keep the b&w, but blow 'WE CAN!' up to the full width of the poster, and drop it 'behind' the buildings, so that they overlap it a little, and reverse it in white out of the sky.

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hector: I

think it may be unclear to the reader right now because the last line which you cant read at this size explains that Urban Voice can provides technical and social skills to people. i think the size of the text should probably be bumped up! thnx for looking out

I can agree andrew that the We Can! is small. I tried every location and size and this seems to balance the piece, which was a beginning issue. But I never thought to blow it up real big like you said. I tried it and actually like it. Sorry about the jaggies i was to lazy to open up ai. Anyways, i know it could be improved but since its white my only question is.....will people be able to see it?

also what do the rest of yall think....

Number 1 or 2

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Gregory, I liked the headline small and black. First of all the top building is pointing to it. Did you ever get a drop of ink on a white shirt? Its the only place your eye is drawn. Its the same principle here, lots of light gray sky frames the headline. My only comment is why are you burying the point of the poster, for people in need to make the call. That line should be more prominate.

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I would like to see more wordspace between 'the' and 'gap' , and 'gap' and 'in'. I liked the small black headline more; it shows the gap (between the buildings) much more dramatic.

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ok how bout this. i agree the small "we can" draws more attention daniel. I just thought id try the bigger version because it was mentioned but when i printed it. it was harder to see than the smaller version.

thnx for the feedback yall....keep it coming

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Gregory, look at the shadow of th lower building it points at WE CAN! The same can be said for the top building. Its very effective. Can you try one more thing? Since you made the important contact info larger, could you increase the "wall" so you can create more white space between Bridge the gap and Urban Voice. You don't need all that building to make the point.

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OK, maybe I'm being dense here, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the person is or is doing in this. Is he wearing a hood?

How about putting the "We can help you..." line in lowercase. If this were posted in a NJ Transit train (which is where I do most of my poster viewing these days), the last line would look like IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII from your seat. And I agree with Daniel that there needs to be more white (gray) space at the bottom, not only between the Bridge the gap and Urban Voice, but between the contact line and the bottom (especially if this gets put in holder of some sort). That's the most important part of the whole poster.

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hey all,

I honestly have started to dislike this piece. I cant nail it for some reason. Its weird how when you come up with an idea early in the process that sometimes its the hardest to finish. Anyways, I do appreciate all the help.

I decided after all the feedback to tighten the peice more, I cropped it and put more of the wall that was suggested. thnx Daniel for the tip. I feel that by increasing the size of the other images and text it kinda it helped the issue of "we can" being to small from a distance. I also put the lower text in lower case so that it wouldnt get lost from far away. thnx Peter for the suggestion. as for the person its just a shot of a guy i took in the city. I wanted the person to be ambigious . If I had time I would probably reshoot the whole thing and have him looking at the we can but I dont have the time.

I appreciate everyone's help. I am going to pring the poster tomorrow. Its due by 6 pm tomorrow. Iam still open to a crit. Id like to put this piece in my porfolio. Do yall think its strong enough ?


btw i need to check my margins on the lower text they look a bit off.

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Gregory, nice work I get what Urban Voice does without any explaination.

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Gregory: just out of interest, have you ever seen Jakob Kolding's work?

He's a Danish (I think) artist who makes these quite rough-edged posters critiquing urban planning. They generally relate to a specific environment or community (usually wherever he's showing or is on residency) and are distributed within that context.

You can see some more by doing a Google image search.


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Thanks Daniel. I still think Ican do more to this. I got an extension so I will try out some more things. My teacher disliked the placement of the "we can". I tried to justify the location to her , but i dont know. Do you feel i even need the we can in between the buildings?She also suggested to tighten up the bottom text . Iam sick of this piece.........I cant finish it.

robert: I checked out Jakob Kolding's work I really dig it. I was even more excited to see some skateboarders in some of his pieces. I all ways thought skateboarding was a major urban playground and this is a message I got from one of his works.. Thanks for sharing.

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Gregory try this, make the copy more proactive. Head: Bridge the gap in your life. Sub: Build your social and technical skills, call: 510.208.7360. The idea is the poster is talking to the reader, think of the famous Uncle Sam poster. "I want you for the U.S. army." What my suggestion does is makes only two pieces of copy and you can separate the logo. I do have a problem with the person image, now you have time find a stock image that looks empowering not a victim. The idea is by making the phone call they can take control of their lives(A group?). Once you have the new photo you should feel fresh about this project. Loose the "WE CAN" copy, that line is fine for a delivery service like UPS, but an organization like your client can't make that promise. Just some thoughts

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thnx for tip on it.

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