Overprint problem with Indesign CS3

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I just need a little advice on a problem I’ve come across in Indesign CS3.

We have some artworks all set up in illustrator CS3 and most of the type has
a 20% tint of black set to overprint using the APPEARANCE palette, the problem I’m having is we have now got to set the files up in Indesign, is there a way we can have the text in colour with the overprint just like Illustrator.


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In the attributes palette in InDesign you should be able to do this. If you are printing digitally you should use a multiply blending mode instead of using 'Overprint Fill/Stroke' in the attributes palette. If it is being lithographically printed then use the attributes palette to do it and when you are exporting your document change the compatibility to Acrobat 4 and under 'Output' change 'color conversion' to 'convert to destination' then check the simulate overprint box. Export it and hopefully that should do it.

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Thanks for the reply smongy

Not sure if I made my post all that clear.

What I’ve got is a piece of copy say in 485C with a 20% black overprint, now in Illustrator
you can create this with one type path using appearance, but the only way I can create this
in Indesign is by having two paths, first one in the 485C and the second on top with the
20% black overprint. What I want to know is can I achieve this with just one path??


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The way to go is to use a Mixed Ink:
Palette Swatches: choose New Mixed Ink Swatch.
Define necessary mix — in your case 485C (100%) and Black (20%).
Apply where needed.
Check in Sep Prev if it works.

Need more mixes with the same colours? Use Mixed Ink Group, where you can make a LOT of combinations in one go.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Perfect, thanks Bert great help.

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