ECHTEN Automobile unbracketed slab serif face

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does anyone know this font?
Thanks for your help.

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ECHTEN looks close to TheSerif Bold Italic widened, with the E modified.

Automobile is a different slab font.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks Mike - I just tested TheSerif - sorry doesn't match.

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I admit it's not exact, but this image was made by manipulating the test drive image from FontShop and adding white & black rectangles to modify the E's. If I had the actual font I am sure I could have made it closer.

This was only a suggestion for approximating the lettering.

Automobile is also difficult to match -- the b seems to be missing a foot serif, the m has more serifs than many slab faces, and the e is an odd shape. It's a mystery, even though it looks conventional.

- Mike Yanega

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