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Tomorrow evening I leave Stockholm for Berlin. This time I need something type related to keep me occupied while my better half visits Bergheim and Brandenburger tor. And as usual every little tip is of great value -- bookstores to burial grounds etc.

Thank you!

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Bierstuben in the Berliner Museum

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All the cemeteries in Berlin are a treat. There are several along the base of Prenzlauer Berg, just outside of Mitte (a short walk from Alexanderplatz). Kreuzberg has a massive multi-cemetery complex from behind the Bergmanstraße onwards.

The design bookstore fave seems to be Bücherbogen on Savignyplatz.

I quite like the museums, but I wouldn't say that they are quite typographic. Although current branding and ads for the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum are.

There are a number of monuments with inscriptional lettering to see, including the memorial to Soviet troops in Treptower Park as well as a memorial to WWII Polish partisans in the Friedrichshain Volkspark.

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Karl, head over to Berlin's Tempelhof airport (there's a convenient subway stop). It is "the mother of all airports"*, sadly slated to close at the end of October. I don't know about any type, but just the photos of its monumentalism give me the shivers (in the best way). I might make a trip to Germany just to fly into it, into its glorious canopy. Sigh.

* Norman Foster


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Check out this thread: Typographic BERLIN

The International Design Center hosts an exhibition on 20+15 years of Information Design, showing the works of Prof. Michael Klar (July 26th—August 22th).

From 18th to 20th July, the UdK (Berlin University of the Arts) has its annual Rundgang (open days). There’s also a Design section.

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Thank you all and Schönes Wochenende!


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