THAI FONTS - Advice needed

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I am looking to know more about THAI fonts.
I have been doing some research and I have found some resources, but I am unsure of their quality.
Basically what I am looking is to see variations of the "ch" low-consonant, and also to see different designs of quality thai fonts.

I know that my computer uses Thonburi, (as a system font for thai?)
but are they other thai system fonts on a Mac?
Are there any big OT fonts that include THAI characters?
Does anyone know of good THAI font or thai foundries?

Thanks for any comments or thoughts you ay have.


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Linotype offers two Thai typefaces, both in OpenType format, and each with a Regular and Bold weight. These typefaces were only recently upgraded to OpenType format and re-released. In the digital photocomposition days of about two decades past, these fonts were used by all sorts of Thai publications. I suspect that Thai readers are still quite familiar with them.

By clicking on one of the fonts, you can surf along to a glyph map, and examine each letter in some degree of detail (like this. If you know the Unicode value for the ch, it shouldn't be too difficult to spot.

It is my understanding that Adobe InDesign CS3 supports Thai OT fonts now, although I don't know if the software can offer correct hyphenation or spell check. Linotype's Thai OT fonts probably work as well as any others in basic Microsoft apps, too.

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I did a pitch for monsoon wines who are a thai wine company a while ago to help them launch into the UK market and we managed to find 2 thai fonts that were free I think one was called 2006_iannnnnnISO and the other was sefer_ah which both worked on macs

I still have the sefer one if you want me to email it over. We had no idea about thai type so I ended up spending a few days with my head in various thai design books which was interesting. Ive attached the design that was intended to go on the inside of the wine box that you open up for you

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Try googling, a Bangkok-based company; I came across a pdf font sample sheet last year that showed a bunch of their recent Thai fonts, some of which were very nice, some of which were traditional shapes and some more modern, including pixel fonts. Sorry I can't remember the link :)
I'd be interested to see what other members here come up with!

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Tahoma on the Mac (Leopard) includes Thai - not sure if it works on the Mac.

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Adobe Thai ships with a few Adobe apps, and is available separately as well.



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Hello Gio and Everyone,

I'm new to this site and not a typographer but I'm a native Thai person.
There are a few resources of Open Source Thai Fonts but you can download them from a list below

1. 4 National Fonts at NECTEC's site (National Electronics and Computer Technolgy Center) :

2. 10 Tep Club Fonts :

3. 13 SIPA Fonts : (Read license inside the pack)

4. ThaiFonts-Scalable Package : (Available in free licenses both binary and source files)

5. Decorative Fonts : (Free Download but I'm not sure about license)

Hope this help.


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Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!
& all the best!

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