I'm Looking forward to seeing the Carey Collection at RIT tomorrow

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I'm Looking forward to seeing the Carey Collection and meeting David Pankow at RIT tomorrow. I saw the TypeCon Hotel today. Looks good!


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I am envious. Put on your absorb everything goggles. Do be sure to ogle the Feder und Stichel materials. See if you can get some pics of early humanistic types. You might find contextual alternates... See you soon.

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Thanks for the tip Carl! See you soon!

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I ran out of time and didn't get to to see the Feder und Stichel materials! Ack! But it was a good trip all the same. Some of the material I shot there will be in my talk for sure!

But I know I will have to go back now. Did you know they have the press proofs for the Spiral type as well as original Spiral type there?

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