Font Costume Party

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My girlfriend, being totally awesome, is having a "Font Party" in Montreal this weekend, where guests are encourage to come

dressed as the typeface that embodies your true inner self. creativity is encouraged; however, please be advised that if your true inner self is obnoxiously inappropriate in almost any situation (comic sans) or prone to injudiciously sporting designer knockoffs (arial) you may be politely turned away at the door.

I'll probably come up with my own costume (though it's a little harder than I first thought), but I thought I'd share in case anyone found it amusing.

(Maybe I'll take photos and post them to the Type ID board?)

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Taking Comic Sans and Arial "off the table" limits guests creativity - I would skip this pretend party and go to the real party - TypeCon - instead.

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Would that we could – but alas. And I think that's tongue in cheek. At least I hope, because I am considering dressing up as Comic Sans to annoy her.

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Update: The party was a success, and here were the fonts I remember, in case anyone is interested in the popular taste and dissemination of type knowledge of hip college kids these days (such as it is):

* Akzidenz Grotesk
* Book Antiqua
* Courier
* Georgia
* Helvetica
* Futura
* MICR/compu-retro something
* Mistral (basically)
* Toronto Subway

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Do you have pictures? I'm curious how these people pulled off their costumes.

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