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Just wondering what sites you guys view regularly - any design community stuff etc.

No links to Typophile please :)

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A collection of Typo/Design blogs on the TypoWiki:

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Here's a few that I use oftenr than others:

  • Smashing Magazine for looking at current trends, free stuff.
  • PSDTuts for when what I want isn't available elsewhere for free, I might as well make it myself.
  • for when I need to add an ASCII/UNICODE character to a website.
  • for good tutorials and techniques regarding design and javascript.
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Hi, I don't have time to view any website regularly but I like many of the websites.

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I like Social Design Notes (

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I like:

The Design Matters Podcast

Under Consideration

and their site Speak Up

QBN's Newstoday

and for wasting time or random questions and answers:


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Sites I visit other than the Typophile:

\ Design Taxi - keeps you up-to-date with the latest design happenings
\ Mograph - a place for the Motion Graphics lovers
\ Under Consideration - Design in general
\ Netdiver - a website full of inspiring portfolios
\ NotCot - a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements

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BrandNew the correct link is Underconsideration/brandnew

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