looking for a 'chalk' font

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a chalkboard font (legible, at least a bit), script-like.
Like used in a tapasbar / restaurant to show the menu.

I've looked at a lot of scripts, but no luck yet.

Maybe some of you can suggest something>

Thanks a lot,

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If you cannot find a suitable font you could contact Elmo van Slingerland or Brody Neuenschwander to letter it. They are in country and both are excellent lettering artists.


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Not script-like, but as close to chalk-like as you'll get: Tafelkreide.

Michael is right: best bet for exactly what you want is a lettering artist.

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Get some chalk + chalk board and ask each of the servers who feel they have good handwriting to write out a line or two of the menu.

Pick the best one and have them write out the alphabet.

Custom font!

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I just got back from a presentation, and it seems there is budget (thus time!!!) to explore 'making' a custom font.

Does anyone know of a good resource ( - i'm a graphic designer, not typographer/type designer) to start (books, software)... I would really like to do this myself (for fun and experience)...

Thanks for the quick reply's...

And now for some chalk and getting my hands dirty!


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Don't know if this is any good to you, but try Gladly Mailed.



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I was going to suggest Regular Joe, but I see now that you are going to go for the Full Monty, so be sure to show us when you finish!


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ITC Arid, which I am currently using, fits the bill…


And to make it more ‘special’ you could un-slant it a bit.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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David Quay's Bronx would be my suggestion:


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i've used chalk dust (not a script though and may not be elegant enough)


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