I Need some suggestions for a Font Type! (pleaseee help!)

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Im currently working on a logo for a restaurant, the name of the restaurant is “Stelle” is an italian word which means “Stars”
The restaurant is all about mediterranean food and the owner told me that all the interior design will be very simple, using the typical elements of mediterranean look, like mosaics, wood floor, steel furniture, line patterns, a lot of white, clean spaces, etc.

He is inspired on a port city of Italy called “Portofino” (beautiful by the way), so there you will find beautiful bay, yacht, sea, etc
(im just trying to get you in the context) :)

Ive been looking for pictures of this style and i already have a color palette, but im desperately searching for the right font type, i still dont know if i have to work with a handscript or sans serif or maybe a mix of them, or probably im totally wrong.

Any suggestions is totally welcome! Please help :)

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Maybe you want to try out some humanist sans-serif faces like frutiger or optima?

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You’re looking for a font for the logo not the menu, right? I wouldn’t know what to expect from an italian restaurant with a logotype set in Frutiger. A chemistry laboratory instead of a kitchen probably.

Feels like a down to earth typeface to me. Nothing fancy. Something with roots but new and fresh.

How about Nick Shinn’s Paradigm with a venetian flavor?

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Just a thought... how about something by Aldo Novarese?



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Simple interieur but classy, lively food, relaxing and smooth. That’s what I see in your description. So I would go for a simple but lively typeface like Museo by Jos Buivenga for example.

Or if you like a more display-style I would go for the work of Jason Walcott. Especially Luxury Royale could fit fine IMHO.

or if you like it in a more retro-style I’d recommend the work of Stuart Sandlers Fontdiner.

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Of course with Frutiger I was suggesting a similarity to the steel furniture, line patterns and clean spaces.

I am guessing you are speaking of a modern Mediterranean, similar to the way this restaurant is done in a modern Italian style. (The food is really good too.)

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