FontFont releases FF Enzo

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Just to let you know that my new typeface Enzo now is available on FontFont.
Check it out if you like!

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Very nice. I will keep it in mind.

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Congrats, Toby! I followed Enzo's development closely on Typophile (then known as Zai) and I'm pleased to see it released as a FontFont. We'll be sending the newsletter announcing the release in a few weeks.

We're still fixing some snags in the Advanced Character Set viewer which will reveal all your lovely ligatures and such on each font page. It will be up and running soon.

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Thanks Stephen!

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Great face, Tobias!

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Congrats. Can I ask why the name change? I thought Zai was unique.

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Thanks guys! I thought I wanted something a bit easier to pronounce, that´s all. Also it was a bit close to FF Zan. Not many good names left nowadays!

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Nice face!

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Congrats, lovely typeface.
I've seen some of the development on the Crit board, and it's good to see it finished and released as a FontFont.

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Jelmar, Michael - glad you liked it!

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Gorgeous, very human serif. Is it named after Mr Ferrari?

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Thanks mate. No, it´s not named after anyone special.

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Look up top! FF Enzo is currently used for Typophile’s heads.

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