OTF PS-flavoured: hinting makes glyph invisible in Indesign?

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any idea what could be the cause that hinting (fontlab autohinting + AFDKO) "hides" (blanks) the ffi ligature in one of my fonts?

When I hint my font and then export it to opentype postscript-flavoured, the ffi-ligature glyph is just white. all other glyphs work fine.
When I don't hint at all, the ffi glyph is visible as well.

I just tested in Indesign CS2 until now, but maybe someone knows what could be the cause for this?


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Does the glyph have any outline overlaps? Are the outlines in the correct direction? Have you tried running CheckOutlines?

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I have had the same problem with a couple of glyphs one time. I believe my problem had something to do with startpoints, cos when I set them to left lower corner everything worked fine again.

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Thanks Goran, I changed the "first node" setting, now it works fine.

Miguel: Yes, there were overlapping forms (i had this problem with "ffi" and "n" now) but I reduced them to one form before applying hinting.

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